Fastpass+ Arrives for Annual Pass Holders at Last!

As Disney steam full speed ahead with the MyMagic+ program, one notably ignored group is finally getting the attention it deserves!
We are talking about annual pass holders, and they are none too happy that they have been left until last to be able to sample the MyMagic+ services such as Fastpass+.

Bizarrely, you’d have expected Disney to hit this group first.  Safe hands and all of that.
Of all of the groups that would forgive almost any mishap, the annual passholders have even had to wait until after the parks had dumped the ‘old style fastpass dispensers’.

As I write, the trial is only for a limited number according to, but at least things are moving along.
For the trial, selected guests can order and set up their Magicbands for use with the My Disney Experience app and website.

Once done, pass holders are free to fidget away to see just what the exciting new system can do.  As part of the move, Disney will receive a discount card along with their Magicbands.  A Gold card denotes free parking and a Black card denotes that parking must be paid, dependant upon the level of Annual Pass purchased.
Once inside the parks, guests must show the named card along with photo ID whenever making purchases.

Some interesting rules apply to the Fastpasses beyond the regular ‘3 fastpasses per day’ that everyone appears to be held to.  A 7 day rolling allowance is tied to each annual pass account, effectively restricting the number of fastpasses in any given 60 day period to 21.

Note about the 7 day limit within 60 Days

This does not mean that you can only have 7 Fastpass+ visits in a 60 day period.
It means that you can have up to 7 days of actual current live bookings in a 60 day window.


If you are going to WDW on May 1st 2014 for 10 days, you could book Fastpass+ for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th, 7th from your app before you leave home.
On the April the 2nd, one of your 7 allocations is freed up, so you can reserve April 8th and so on.

The reason for the 7 day rule is to stop fastpasses being booked out continually over an extended period, ‘just on the off chance’ that a guest will visit the parks.
The rule goes some way to reduce the effects of that down to 7 days.
Even so, I can picture some guests heading into a weekend, not quite sure which actual day they will visit and they blast a ‘covering’ of Fastpasses over a 3 day period, knowing fine well that they will only be visiting for one of those days.

Bugs like these will be ironed out and as Disney collect more usage data, they will compensate for ‘no-shows’ in the allocation system.


$50 SeaWorld Tickets

Sometimes, my cynical mind makes me wonder what a boardroom meeting at SeaWorld goes like!
Bad publicity must be high on the agenda right now, and killer whales, stranded animals and penguins on the loose must all be up there on that big Shamu sized flip chart!

Profits?  Yep, that’s the big one, but right now, profits are secondary to good publicity it seems!

Having lifted the prices sky high in June, SeaWorld announced a $50 ticket last week to the amazement of us all.

  • Sir I think we should increase our prices to one hundred bucks! Agreed!
  • Sir I think we should drop our prices to 50 bucks! Erm, Ok then!

For the life of me I can’t work that one out for one tiny moment.  No competent board can justify such an opposing strategy in so few weeks can they?

Anyway, to hell with the politics!  SeaWorld is a great theme park and the deal works out great for attracting guests that are staying nearby on Disney property for a day away from the Mouse!



Airline Ticket Style Pricing for the Parks?

Oh, just when we thought our wallets and purses were safe for a while, this latest ticket price story hits the internet!

A lot of what you read is pure rubbish, but this one, we’ve been expecting for a while.
The origin of the story is also backed up with the Orlando Sentinel adding to the suspicion that this is more than just a feeble rumor!

While the story stems from SeaWorld’s ‘master bean counter’, I think that it is very safe to assume that each and every CFO at the Orlando parks is waiting for this one like an excited kid on Christmas Eve!

Simply put, we are going to get charged more when the theme parks are most busy!

So, remember those kids you had?  Taking them out of school time just got a whole lot more costly thanks to the cash grab that looks set to head into Orlando soon.
No wonder families take time away during term time!
Although they cause havoc with their kids education, they end up taking the chance to be able to take an affordable vacation!

Ironically, in twenty years time, once the nation has run out of well qualified adults, those execs will be wondering what happened to the economy!

Ok, ok, so I’m exaggerating a little, but, my irrational anger does make a valid point; you can only milk a cow for as much milk as it holds!  Go too far and there are consequences!

A mini revolution is unlikely, we all love the place so much, but, if I take $1000 in my wallet each year, that’s all I can spend.
No matter what they charge for tickets, the reality means that I have less to spend on accommodation  food, gifts.
Push me too far, I stay for a shorter time, or eat snacks in the parks instead of meals.
My resources are not limitless.

Right now, business is booming in Orlando, gate attendances are growing, discounts are drying up and rooms are filling nicely.  Hey Park dudes, that hasn’t always been the case!
Remember the recession that hasn’t quite passed yet?

No of course you haven’t, it didn’t affect you one bit!

(Note – this is not my usual writing style, but I just feel:  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!)





Disney Ticket Price Increase – Needs a Spoonful of Sugar? – News June 2nd 2013

As Disney’s Mary Poppins song suggests; some medicine can be very hard to swallow and Disney’s latest price increase strategy appears to be very sour indeed for the Disney faithful!

As some early blogs and social media posts already indicate, there’s an unusually high reaction to Disney World’s decision to single out the Magic Kingdom for a particularly high increase of $5 from today (2nd of June 2013)

Costs seem to be increasing a little more than most guests would expect, and as one report suggests, not only well above inflation, but at a higher rate than historical levels.

While the social media platforms will today buzz with anger, Disney World won’t suffer at all.  With their huge upgraded attraction projects already open to the public, and many more heading Mickey’s way in the coming few years, you can be rest assured that Disney World guests will have plenty to celebrate as park attendance figures grow even further!

Those that are left struggling to save for a trip of a lifetime, face another hurdle to meet the growing amount needed to head to Orlando!

Choosing the best Disney Ticket Options!

If you’ve ever stood at the Disney Ticket Booth, desperate to head into the theme parks, always bear one simple fact in mind. It could help save you a fortune!

Adults are at their most vulnerable when they are excited!

We aren’t in the ‘knock Disney’ brigade, far from it, we love the Magic like most people.
However, Disney must be very aware of the fact that parents want to make the Magical vacation as special as they possibly can, which in turn often triggers spontaneous purchases, way over the budget!

Bearing in mind that Disney Tickets are most likely going to be the single biggest ‘Orlando based’ purchase transaction during a vacation, guests are well advised to stay calm and purchase with care.

Do your research as much as possible, and whatever you do, treat those upgrades to the Magic Your Way base tickets with fearful caution! So easy is it to get carried away in the heat of the moment and max out your options, that you could practically end up doubling your ticket prices within the space of a few ‘yeses’. Seriously, that is how bad it can get for your wallet!

Some great Disney Ticket advice;

  1. Research the best prices
  2. Visit plenty of Disney Guides and Forums
  3. Read this honest article about Disney Tickets
  4. Never buy upgrades on the spur of the moment
  5. Ask for advice from reputable Disney Ticket approved vendors
  6. Take your time! Don’t rush into buying anywhere!
  7. Try to avoid buying tickets on the morning of you first park visit
  8. Don’t expect discounts over a few %, they don’t exist!!!!

Our final point is perhaps the most important for you to grasp.
There’s loads of ticket vendors out there, but we’ve not seen a single source of genuine tickets that offer much more than a couple of percent. If you do find something offering 25%, please, take our word for it, it has to be a fraud or a time share trap.

Can you take our word for it?
If you find a genuine retailer that offers such reductions, please let us know and we will publish their name here!

That’s how confident we are that they don’t exist!

Welcome to our brand new Orlando Attraction Ticket Blog!

Each month we will keep you posted with the latest information and advice about those Orlando attraction tickets!

As one of the most expensive parts of a vacation in Orlando, visitors work hard to seek out the very latest information about the best deals.
What shocks most people is that they quickly realize that those theme park tickets quickly add up to several hundred dollars per person, just for a 10 day stay.

A family of four can easily expect to run up $3000 or more if they want to spend a reasonable amount of time in the Disney and Universal theme parks.
More disturbingly, guests also soon realise that discounts are pretty much impossible to find over the ‘few percent’ barrier.

We’ve got a few words of caution to help you on your way!

  1. Don’t expect big discounts, they simply don’t exist.
  2. If you do find big discounts, they are certainly a concern!
  3. Don’t buy from unofficially approved ticket vendors
  4. Do seek advice from the better ticket vendors
  5. Never buy second hand tickets (they are not transferable!)
  6. Never try to share tickets – the parks use finger print checking!

Always allow yourself a good week of research before buying your family a load of Disney tickets!  (An old, wise boss of mine once said;  “Always allow one full day of work to every $1000 you spend!”)
Not bad advice when it comes to finding the best tickets!

Check out the Orlando Guides and Orlando Forums for the best Disney Ticket Advice and always use several sources to ensure that you’ve not read an out of date post or article!

Our final words of advice;  Theme Parks are expensive to build and operate, so if you find an amazing deal, be suspicious straight away!  It’s either going to be a time-share trap, or, worse still a fraudulent gang that is selling off part used tickets.
Those part used tickets will turn your dream vacation into a nightmare if you get turned away from the turnstiles, simply because your fingerprints didn’t match the original user!