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We look more into the workings and background to the most magical place on earth!

How could 30,080 acres of land become so magic?
To find out, we need to look at some Walt Disney World History!

It’s no secret that Walt Disney had vision and dreams, like no other.
The ultimate imagineer or motion picture maker?  Perhaps a social architect that could ultimately make a whole community, nation and world think a little differently!

Despite the creation of a very successful Disneyland California, Walt had learned lessons.
The biggest frustration of all, being the fact that the Anaheim park was ‘landlocked’ by non Disney developments, much in the same way that Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are steadily becoming of late.

During the 60s, Walt set away a vast secretive team in motion.
Parcel by parcel, acre by acre, the land was bought up by ‘independent’ secret businesses, with the prime aim of making sure that the word didn’t get out about his grand vision.
With the cat out of the bag about Walt Disney World, real estate prices would soar, no doubt placing delays and the risk of failure between his vision of what we now see today.

Looking back in time, it seems impossible to imagine that a real estate ‘buy up’ of this gigantic scale could take place without leaking to the press somehow.  The WDW project was no different and the Orlando Sentinel got hold of the project in 1965 just as the vast majority of the land had been purchased.

On October 1st 1971, at 10am, the first WDW theme park opened.  The Magic Kingdom’s gates opened and both officially and unofficially became known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth”.

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