A Brave SeaWorld Inspired Me

We headed to SeaWord over the last weekend.
Aquatica on Saturday and SeaWorld on Sunday.  Both days were great for the family and most surprisingly of all, I left the theme park feeling very appreciative of the bold spirit that I’d experienced.

Surprise #1
The parking lot was almost full as we arrived at 11am.
Despite the words in social media and news articles, the park was buzzing with guests wandering about, enjoying the ambiance and having a good time.
There was a notable presence of locals, and it truly occurred to me that there was a lot of positive sentiment to one of Orlando’s long standing landmarks.
Orlando is a dynamic environment, but locals would never appreciate the loss of a ‘body part’ as faithful to job creation and the environment as SeaWorld.
Politics and tactics from opponents to SeaWorld, don’t put clothes on kids, or food in school lunch boxes.

Surprise #2
The big rides like Manta were very low line waits.
We literally walked onto Manta, despite the park buzzing with guests.  Hard to imagine, but again, those locals like to relax.  They want their churros, they want dippin’ dots, but they aren’t too worried about messing up their immaculate hair!
Also, it’s Halloween, and SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular is a cute and fun way for younger kids to trick or treat safely.

Surprise #3
Please forgive me if I sound a bit ‘creative’ here, but I honestly sensed something this weekend, that I have NEVER experienced before in ANY theme park.
I genuinely felt appreciated by the team members.
Overall, there was a sense of goodwill all round from the SeaWorld team, but there was a pride and spirit that really stood out as we exited the Blue Horizons Show.
The cast were clearly appreciative of every single guest that walked past to the exit.

Overall, I left SeaWorld feeling that the activists had impacted the numbers of guests over the last few years, but the result was an almost ‘battle ready’ spirit from the aftermath.
I also felt that as a guest, I have a choice to visit SeaWorld, that’s mine.  I don’t want politics to decide that for me.