Cast members a little grumpy?

This week, we headed in to WDW to renew our resident passes.  It’s usually not quick. It takes ID, utility bills and a bit of patience but it’s always worth it.  

Silly Job Loving Cast Member

This year though, we had a little unexpected confusion.  I managed to get my passes and the kids’ but my wife apparently wasn’t on a utility bill.  

Despite being married, same family name, and clear ID, we were supposed to have a utility bill in her name as well as mine.  

I’m sure Disney have some difficult guests ‘trying it on’ but our family, like many others, has the bills in one person’s name.  We kept our cool, but in the end we got there, purely by proving that we’d obtained previous passes before.  This was more about cast members’ discretion than a hard and fast Disney policy. 

Families beware, being married isn’t enough proof for Disney it seems!

We’d not even got past the Transportation and Ticket Centre and some magic had been stolen. 

Indifference is unexpected at WDW

As we headed to the monorail, it was down.  Cast members were guiding guests to the boat dock.  It happens from time to time and it’s got to be expected.  

What definitely wasn’t expected was the response to my polite question; excuse me, could you tell me if the monorail is down short term or long term?

I had read that system maintenance was in place but I wasn’t sure if it would prevent us from returning by monorail.  

The cast member’s ‘snap’ was amazing.  Not so much what was said, but how it was spoken; I COULDN’T TELL YOU, he barked.   The twerpy retort prompted lots of giggles from fellow guests as we boarded the ferry boat.  

Magic band misery

As we worked our way to the park exit after our Jungle Cruise ride later that day, we decided to pick up our Magicbands for the year.  

Emporium has a great selection, so we headed there.  The trouble is with Magicbands is that they are always behind counters.  Kind of ‘backstage’ as it were.  

We asked the cast member if we could take a look at a few but she barked ‘point them out and I will pass them’.  

The distance is a little far from the guest area to see the detail on some of the newer special bands   

Of course, I walked away wondering whether Disney cast members are ruder than they used to be, or it was end of season blues, or, if it was me, the common denominator that brought the worst out in the Magic Kingdom’s cast members that day.  

I don’t know if you are interested, but just a few miles up the road, Universal seem to be coping very well with miserable old me and our resident family details!


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