Lights, Camera, Oh Get On With It Please Disney!

So, the D23 Expo is almost upon us.
The what? (You may or may not ask)

Is D23 some Tatooine code for some kind of droid that didn’t make the set?

For those Disney experts, like me (LOL), who just looked it up, D23 is the name given to the official Disney fan club.  The D23 part refers to the year in which Walt moved to Burbank Hollywood and established the legendary Disney studios.

So the Expo.
I need to take a deep breath to be honest.
I find it staggering to be writing this article, which in reality should have been written almost two years ago, when the last D23 Expo took place in Anaheim.
Then, after months of speculation about a major and much overdue upgrade to Hollywood Studios, Disney put out some teasers about Avatar and Star Wars.
After 2 years of mind numbing PR vacuum, Avatar is almost at construction height over in Animal Kingdom.  Meanwhile back in sleepy old Animal Kingdom, we’ve ‘been Frozen to death’ and nothing more!

It’s almost inexplicable why Disney have steadily shut down an already half day theme park of attractions.  What’s even more fascinating, is that the crowds, still keep clicking through the turnstiles like never before.  Of course, with major attractions like the Tower Of Terror, Toy Story Midway Mania and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, who can argue?

Even the most devout Disney park fans can make good use of a park hopper to fill the day completely, or perhaps take a ‘lazy day’ and take it easy at DHS!

But now, it seems as though Disney are finally ready to make the ‘grand reveal’ this summer, to some very excited fans between August 14-16th 2015.
I won’t be there.  Not through lack of interest or cash, I just simply couldn’t bear the pain and suffering if Disney failed to deliver a plan, again.
Surely this year, with a park half under boards, a Tower Of Terror 10 Miler cancelled, rumours of new roads into DHS and the threat of a new name (believed to be Disney Hollywood Adventure), Disney will deliver?

If they don’t, expect me to dive down over the next show of Fantasmic aboard a Nimbus 2000 and a bucket full of Custard!   Watch out Mickey, I am getting a bit crazy now.


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