Time For Airport Style Theme Park Security?

I awoke today to slide open my iPhone to do my daily routine of checking emails, Facebook, and my daily scurry through my favorite news sites.
An article surprised me by being buried low down the list on the Orlando Sentinel as a tragic story revealed that another ‘domestic’ gun related incident occurred in a US attraction.

The reason that it was a little lower down the stories, was that it was over at Universal’s Hollywood park and not Orlando.
Small comfort for the tragic victim, his family, friends, and onlookers.  Not great too for the poor officers that tried in vain to prevent the tragedy.

Earlier this year, a local entered Fun Spot near I-Drive in what was also believed to be a domestic related incident and gunshots luckily only created minor injuries.
Previously, a gun had been innocently left on an attraction seat at Animal Kingdom by a guest (with concealed permit) that did not realize guns were prohibited.

Gun crimes in theme parks are very rare, thanks to the already intense scrutiny of law enforcement and security officials, and my experience is way too low to make comment about theme park security measures.
I do wonder however, if I would feel a little safer if measures were brought up to date.



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