Clear Skies Over Disney’s Theme Parks!


Soon you may see more than bubbles and balloons over the Magic Kingdom!

The Orlando Sentinel occasionally has a very newsworthy article scattered amongst the standard press releases from the park operators in Orlando.
This one, really caught my eye this week; “No fly zones over Disney parks face new scrutiny“.

If you’ve ever wondered why the deep blue skies over the Magic Kingdom were free from helicopters, light aircraft and those comically stupid looking banner towing aircraft, you are now a little wiser after reading the article (or continuing here for an easier to read summary!).

Since 2003, Walt Disney World and Disneyland were granted no-fly zones above their property, much in the same way that certain special events such as air shows and other major events are granted clear skies.  Disney however appears to be rather unique in being granted the privilege on a permanent basis.

The official line from Disney is;

We believe the airspace restrictions over large gathering places like sports stadiums and our theme parks continue to make sense for enhancing public safety,” Cathi Killian – Disney

While that may be partly true, it is interesting that Universal, just a few miles north, is not granted the same privilege!  Or, to be more precise, the workers and guests who visit Universal aren’t protected by these self same security measures.
Some observers believe that the reason has much more to do with those pesky banner towing aircraft, of which over 100 went out of business since the restrictions were imposed.

Keep Disney’s No-Fly Zone Restrictions!

While Disney may have motives beyond public safety, I can’t thank them enough for tackling another form of SPAM!
Unwanted junk mail arrives via our internet connections, through our physical mailboxes, fax machines, and even under our wind shields in our grocery store parking lots.
If one organization has the power to give me and my family a SPAM free day at Walt Disney World, then I am all for that!

Long live common sense, no matter how much it is disguised under safety!