Made With Magic – After Some Time

Made With Magic Merchandize

Glow With The Show ears promised lots, but barely glimmered this year at WDW.
Instead of showing a swathe of color, the few people in the night time viewing areas kind of stood out for all the wrong reasons.

Rather like those radio controlled buckets that Plankton used in SpongeBob Squarepants, the highly sophisticated mouse ears, light up at every wireless command that Disney sends your way.  The ears worked well whenever large groups assembled in shows like Fantasmic, but at 25 bucks a pop, you’d be surprised how many (or how very few) actually bought them.
In the end, Glow With The Show was for me, the biggest disappointment of 2014.
I wanted to see a sea of LED color whenever I watched Wishes, but instead, I saw a few hundred or so scattered around the park at best on most days.  That might sound like a lot x$25, but it’s definitely not enough to create the visual wow factor that Disney were looking for.

But now Disney have worked out a solution that just might work.
Sadly it does not include any free giveaways, which would really do the trick, but at least guests can now see the effects of what they are buying, instead of the LEDs being completely out of sight on top of their heads!  (Mickey LED Ears were a FAIL Disney!)

Wands, Minnie Headbands and Mickey Gloves join those cute Glow With The Show Mickey Ears, along with a rebranded name ‘Made With Magic’.

For more on this story, visit Touringplans article by Riikki Niblett

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