The End Of Popular Acts – Just The Beginning For More!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 17.56.42

On Sept 28th, Disney’s webpage for Epcot entertainment shows removed images and links for the recent cuts from their entertainment program.

This week saw the tearful goodbyes for some of Epcot’s most popular acts.
Mo’Rockin, Spirit Of America Fife & Drum Corps, Off Kilter and the Uk’s World Showcase Players.

Always sad to lose some old favorites, but generally speaking, as per my previous post, when it comes to nostalgia, I think we’ve got to learn to ‘Let it Go!’ more than ever before as WDW shows some major signs of a cultural change brewing ahead.

The loss of acts like this are a clue that the small things are changing, The Studio Backlot Tour and Maelstrom’s closure shows us that the medium things are changing, but let’s hope some of the big stuff like Avatar will bring a whole new dimension to WDW!

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