NASCAR SPORTS GRILLE – End of the road

Wow, Universal aren’t taking their foot off the gas!

As they transform CityWalk into a much more polished dining and entertainment centre, they appear to be taking every necessary step to ensure that visitors check into the ever growing list of resort hotels in Orlando.

The new Sapphire Falls Resort is due to open in the Summer of 2016, and Universal want it’s guests to spend as much time as possible ‘on property’.
Although Walt Disney World has the space, the magic and a fabulous RFID Magicband system to help you spend spend spend, Universal have made the most of their ‘enabling constraint!’

Space, the final frontier for Universal Studios, is the thing that holds them back the most, but the clever people at Universal Boulevard, don’t let it hold them back.
Instead, Universal seems to be benefiting from its compact nature, meaning that the parks are easier to meander around and get between and the resort hotels are only a short stroll away from all of the fun.

CW_v_full_NASCAR_02_tcm13-6406We’ve seen the demise of awful places like Pastamore and an increase in better quality and better value restaurants during 2014.
The iconic NASCAR SPORTS GRILLE looks set to pull into the pit lane on November 1st.
Maybe, just like a NASCAR car, it’s just a bit too much over the top for the mainstream guests at Universal and no matter how impressive it all is, it’s time for something more practical.

It will be interesting to see what comes in its place, or indeed if more competitors will retire this next season!

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