Universal Going for a Top Spot in Orlando’s Attendances?

As Disney continue to sluggishly work ‘Frozen’ into its Orlando theme parks, Universal are already showing sign of leaping up from their corner for round 2.

Spirited by the hugely successful Diagon Alley attraction and ‘retail-tainment’ area, the CEO of Universal’s parent company is already hinting that there’s a lot more on its way as he addressed a room full of analysts last week.
With a new hotel just opened and another about to start construction, Universal can’t be accused of being lazy as it takes on Disney in the ‘Big Fight for Orlando’s top slot.

As I’ve written before, and other bloggers seem to agree, the chances of them doing just that might not be as far fetched as it seems!
King Kong will be here soon at Islands of Adventure, and rumours of more big developments over at Universal Studios makes even the most dedicated of Disney fans wondering if the WDW team needs a big shake up.

There’s plenty in the Disney pipeline, but the trouble is, that everything is still less than 50% complete and the projects are quite hefty to start with.  Nothing really new will appear inside the next 18 months.
Unless you of course count the Maelstrom makeover as a new attraction (I won’t be!).

The current Disney execs would do well to consider one of Walt’s famous quotes;

I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it!

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