Dead Bad Marketing Idea – Haunted Mansion Gift Shop

Memento Mori

Sounds good eh?  Kind of rolls off the tongue and has a lovely Italian feel to it.
Memento Mori even uses that age old charm of Alliteration (the use of the same letter in words of a phrase).
The word Memento is used in modern cultural terms as a reference towards gifts or souvenirs and Mori sounds quite like More.  Italianesque for more gifts, this is subliminal marketing at its very best!
The Disney retail and marketing people really did their homework on the new name for the new Haunted Mansion gift shop that will open in the New Year of 2015. Or did they?

Good old Google satisfied my fascination for the origins to the phrase Memento Mori.
I never did latin at school, but my paltry understanding was just enough to recognise that the new store’s name was hiding something.
Something really rather unDisney like!

Memento Mori translates effectively into: ‘remember (that you have) to die’

Has the Disney marketing team been hacked?
What on earth would possess people in the care of my Disney dreams to dream up such a fiendish nightmare?
Are they serious about this?  They want me to feel good about remembering that I, the father of three hopeful and innocent(ish) kids, will at some not too distant future be dead?


Sure, the Haunted Mansion is fun and creepy, but seriously WTF?
Why on earth is the idiot who agreed to this, working at the most Magical Place On Earth?


One thought on “Dead Bad Marketing Idea – Haunted Mansion Gift Shop

  1. I think it is meant more like, ‘You aren’t going to live forever, so do things [and buy things] that make it memorable.’ It is pretty vague as to how you could translate it. Also, absolutely not Italian. It’s Latin, for sure.

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