Apple Pay Keeps The Nervous Away!

downloadAs a dedicated early adopter of all things Apple, two adults and three kids have amassed a small heap of shiny Apple things over the past decade or more.
I had a Mac, before the arrival of iPods, I’ve made calendars for family and friends in iPhoto, and I work, edit and relax listening to music thanks to over 20 Airport Express devices scattered around the house.

This summer however, I announced to gasping friends, that this was indeed my last ever iPhone.

Sick and tired of replacing ridiculously vulnerable screens, not receiving calls that mysteriously switch to VM, even though I can see the phone, and it has 4 spots of reception out of a possible 5.

My next adventure with cellular technology will probably be the next version of the Nokia 1020 camera phone.  I want a great camera phone, and that is the way forward for my work blogging for another site.

The Apple Pay announcement this week is a little bit of a curve ball though. Dammit.
I hate handing my credit cards to people and I’ve thousands of good reasons why!
One nasty visit in Orlando left me a few grand down when I checked by statements.
It seems so normal to hand a waitress or waiter a credit card, then they disappear from view after doing ‘who knows’.

Apple Pay, is much more than a gimmick, and Disney are already in the game with Magicbands.  Believe me, Apple Pay is going to really cause some big changes to the way we spend, and that’s not just in the theme parks!

Apple have a battle though, convincing sceptics will be near impossible, and quite probably limited to the younger 50% of iPhone owners.  Concerns about privacy, security and account management are all valid.

Security and convenience are a big trade-off, but I will put my Near Field Communication transaction on them getting it right first time!



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