The Stupid American Legal System helps Nobody (Again!)

When I originally thought of blogging about Walt Disney World and the Orlando attractions in general, I had visions of dreams and happiness.
At that time, I never thought that documentary film makers would link up with OSHA agents, I never thought that Disney would invest more in Magicbands ‘something you can’t see’ than attractions, and nor did I ever imagine that an evil few could harm Disney goodwill so badly.

This last bit, refers to the abuse of the Disney Guest Assistance Card, that ultimately and inevitably bit the dust as the Entertainment giant attempted to allay the fears of all its guests, able bodied, partially able bodies and all.
Despicable cheats abused the access system to get able bodied guests to the front of the line, for a fee of course.
Disney, made some changes.

Can you imagine the surprise those Disney Execs experienced when law suits started claiming that the new, and arguably less vulnerable system, was unfair?

News today that even more plaintiffs joined the ‘bun fight’ to grab a piece of Disney flesh.
They might argue that they are defending their rights, but others might view it that Disney were merely sharpening their goodwill inspired system in response to high profile abuse.

Disney’s argument is that they aren’t obligated in any way to offer front of line access to guests with disabilities, but that they want to, and on their terms.

I’m no legal expert, but let’s hope that this is definitely one of those rare occasions that the ‘big guys’ actually win.

As a final note; I will round off with a quote from a very dear old friend;

“The trouble with common sense, is that it’s not that common.”


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