Disney Side Dog Day Is A Load of…….


Oh, just forgive me now, and don’t read on if your idea of true love comes in a four legged canine bundle.

Flick through these blog posts and you will definitely see that my family is one that adores ‘all things pet’.
We have always had a fair old collection of cute, not so cute, furry, feathered and scaly add ons to our household list of occupants and we’ve loved every single one dearly.


A Disney Side Dog Day at the Magic Kingdom?  Really?

Sure, we can understand the delight of heading in there with glee as our four legged friends get unwillingly dressed to in something of their owner’s choice to look completely silly (and funny), but is that what theme parks are really all about?
If you live in a ‘doggy area of town’ you will definitely know that there are some practical issues to deal with when dogs head out into the big ‘smorgasbord of smells’ we humans call ‘outdoors’.  
Sure Disney will be there, with the same kind of military precision that they apply to litter, but no body likes to see dog pee (or worse) in the most magical place on earth.
A couple of horses on Main St USA provide enough material to keep the unlucky cast member fully occupied, so heaven knows what a bunch of dogs dressed as Tinkerbelle can achieve for the employment figures in WDW.

OK, so, I’ve said my bit, I guess you want to know what’s going on?

  • It’s a one off event at the Magic Kingdom
  • August 30th from 7am (arrive at 5:45am!)
  • Special invite only
  • Photos had to be sent in by Aug 24th
  • Event to be filmed by America’s Cutest Pet
  • 70lb max weight
  • Dress them how you like (some expected rules apply)
  • Vet records required
  • Florida residents only

In reality, the way that the event has been created, most guests stood no chance of pulling al of this together at short notice.
Thank goodness!

Service dogs in the parks?  Yes
Pets? No

Come on Disney, quit pulling cheap stunts with partner channels and concentrate on much needed attractions instead!

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