The Stupid American Legal System helps Nobody (Again!)

When I originally thought of blogging about Walt Disney World and the Orlando attractions in general, I had visions of dreams and happiness.
At that time, I never thought that documentary film makers would link up with OSHA agents, I never thought that Disney would invest more in Magicbands ‘something you can’t see’ than attractions, and nor did I ever imagine that an evil few could harm Disney goodwill so badly.

This last bit, refers to the abuse of the Disney Guest Assistance Card, that ultimately and inevitably bit the dust as the Entertainment giant attempted to allay the fears of all its guests, able bodied, partially able bodies and all.
Despicable cheats abused the access system to get able bodied guests to the front of the line, for a fee of course.
Disney, made some changes.

Can you imagine the surprise those Disney Execs experienced when law suits started claiming that the new, and arguably less vulnerable system, was unfair?

News today that even more plaintiffs joined the ‘bun fight’ to grab a piece of Disney flesh.
They might argue that they are defending their rights, but others might view it that Disney were merely sharpening their goodwill inspired system in response to high profile abuse.

Disney’s argument is that they aren’t obligated in any way to offer front of line access to guests with disabilities, but that they want to, and on their terms.

I’m no legal expert, but let’s hope that this is definitely one of those rare occasions that the ‘big guys’ actually win.

As a final note; I will round off with a quote from a very dear old friend;

“The trouble with common sense, is that it’s not that common.”



Disney Side Dog Day Is A Load of…….


Oh, just forgive me now, and don’t read on if your idea of true love comes in a four legged canine bundle.

Flick through these blog posts and you will definitely see that my family is one that adores ‘all things pet’.
We have always had a fair old collection of cute, not so cute, furry, feathered and scaly add ons to our household list of occupants and we’ve loved every single one dearly.


A Disney Side Dog Day at the Magic Kingdom?  Really?

Sure, we can understand the delight of heading in there with glee as our four legged friends get unwillingly dressed to in something of their owner’s choice to look completely silly (and funny), but is that what theme parks are really all about?
If you live in a ‘doggy area of town’ you will definitely know that there are some practical issues to deal with when dogs head out into the big ‘smorgasbord of smells’ we humans call ‘outdoors’.  
Sure Disney will be there, with the same kind of military precision that they apply to litter, but no body likes to see dog pee (or worse) in the most magical place on earth.
A couple of horses on Main St USA provide enough material to keep the unlucky cast member fully occupied, so heaven knows what a bunch of dogs dressed as Tinkerbelle can achieve for the employment figures in WDW.

OK, so, I’ve said my bit, I guess you want to know what’s going on?

  • It’s a one off event at the Magic Kingdom
  • August 30th from 7am (arrive at 5:45am!)
  • Special invite only
  • Photos had to be sent in by Aug 24th
  • Event to be filmed by America’s Cutest Pet
  • 70lb max weight
  • Dress them how you like (some expected rules apply)
  • Vet records required
  • Florida residents only

In reality, the way that the event has been created, most guests stood no chance of pulling al of this together at short notice.
Thank goodness!

Service dogs in the parks?  Yes
Pets? No

Come on Disney, quit pulling cheap stunts with partner channels and concentrate on much needed attractions instead!

SeaWorld Deny They Listened, But I Hope They Did!


Blue World Project was announced this week across SeaWorld’s global parks.

I breathed a sigh of relief for three big reasons!

  1. It really hasn’t been a great year for my favorite marine themed park. Finances and attendances sank badly!
  2. We all know that SeaWorld needs to move with the times, and irrespective of pressure groups and debatably biased movies such as Blackfish.
    My young family knows not to ask for a pet rabbit, and the SeaWorld execs are now beginning to appreciate why.
  3. Back in Dec 2013, I’d anticipated that SeaWorld would begin a transition away from live animal performance.  I chewed my fingers ever since, wondering what took them so long!

As regular readers of my blog will know; I’m both a theme park fan and an animal lover, but I walk my family into SeaWorld under no illusions.
SeaWorld to me, has always been a chance for my family to learn, and that is not an excuse for being ill informed.
Even now, my family continues to learn from SeaWorld as a battle rages over animals in captivity.
Ironically, this week, news broke that African Elephants are now at a ‘tipping point’.  More are dying each year that are being born.  In 100 years time, the species is predicted to be gone.  Probably a few captive specimens will be all that’s left.
Will we criticize the parks then for keeping the gene pool alive?

The Blue World Project (Better Environments For Killer Whales)

The new new developments heading to San Diego and Orlando, claim to provide;

50 feet in depth and 1.5 acres of surface area will enhance dynamic opportunities for play, including a “fast water current” that allows whales to swim across moving water.

Guests can walk alongside our killer whales as if at the shore, interact with them at depths found in the ocean, or see them from a bird’s eye view.

Increased interactions with SeaWorld experts and new programs will expand educational opportunities, fostering deeper knowledge of killer whales and their ocean environment.

A focus on husbandry and care allows our animal health professionals and independent scientists to better understand and care for killer whales here and in the wild.

Sure, that’s not the Ocean, but it’s a whole lot better than what’s there right now.
If anyone thinks that SeaWorld should return these animals to the Ocean, you are crazier than a whale on a bicycle!