Fastpass Fails To Impress!


Screamscape always seems to have a little edge on everyone when it comes to rumors, and this week the site not only reported that the Magic Kingdom’s Anna and Elsa, Frozen character greet was to be rescued by a good old fashioned ‘Return Time’ ticket, but a hint that Soarin was also possibly heading that way!

Update Aug 2014 – The Magic Kingdom has also introduced a similar style ticket for stand-by access to the Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Wow!  That really made me stop and wonder about Fastpass+ as a useful tool. 

For me, I love it MyMagic+ and I’m of an age that loves all things tech.
Also, much like yourself reading this blog post, I have a passion for the internet, and all that it offers.
I’m hardly cutting edge, but I follow along with something new when I feel that it’s of benefit.

So now I ask you to do something fun!
Just picture yourself boarding the tram in the Magic Kingdom parking lot.
Now that isn’t too bad is it!  (Told you it was fun!)
Yes, but now, try and picture a cross section of 20 typical Disney park guests boarding that tram.  Some of us boarding that tram, stand no chance of making any use of Fastpass+ and here’s why;

Kids are first on the hit list!
Most don’t have a cell phone and those that do, probably don’t have pockets big enough to keep them safe and secure.
Under the old Fastpass ticket system, our kids could wander about with their own Fastpass ticket.  It had a time printed on it.  The new Fastpass+ system has buried data in mom and dad’s cell phone.  Not good when you want to know when you are able to ride Big Thunder Mountain and you are about to join an attraction line wait area.
At least 4 out of every 20 guests boarding my imaginary tram are kids without cell phones!

Non tech fans next!
So out of that group boarding the tram, how many will struggle with anything high tech that requires a login on a cell phone?  Let’s be kind and say 2 in 20.

Data conscious hard liners!
Some people just don’t trust the security that businesses offer.
Super stores and huge banking organizations have bungled our data into the wrong hands!.
To be fair, Disney’s system appears to be performing well, but a number of guests will stay well clear.  1 in 20 perhaps?

Flat batteries!
Some guests will show up at the parks with good intentions, only to discover they run out of juice part way through the day.  2 out of 20 seems a fair estimate!

Dysfunctional Guests
This sounds harsh, but to be fair, no matter what, some people just can’t manage the basics.  They can’t seem to get much right at all and despite having the technology in their hands, they just can’t seem to get by without lots of help.  2 out of 20 also seems a fair estimate!

We are left with less than 50% of WDW guests being able to make reasonable use of MyMagic+

Using our little imaginary team boardign the tram to visit the Magic Kingdom, we are left with 9 out of 20 guests being able to enjoy the benefits of MyMagic and Fastpass+ attractions.
No wonder paper return time tickets are making a return, but we bet Disney doesn’t like it one bit!


If you aren’t sure how to make the most of Fastpass+, check out these useful articles!


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