Frozen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Leaves Me Cold!

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In fact; Double Wow!

Disney’s massive Box office hit has grossed an incredible $400m at the time of writing (or June 27th Data).

Now take a look at these two images on the right from the Disney parks Blog.

No, it’s not a set from a high school play, this is actually what Walt Disney World have dreamed up for Hollywood Studios this summer.
Starting from July 5th, guests can put on a set of ice skates after handing over ten bucks to skate around and listen to some Frozen music in the background.

Rarely have I ever seen anything quite so embarrassing from Disney Parks and I challenge you to think long and hard to try and recall anything as tacky as this in any theme park?

As Comic Book Guy might say “Worst. Attraction. Ever!”

Sure, I’ve got to add a note of sympathy to the Imagineers at Walt Disney World.
With suspicions that budgets have been slashed due to MyMagic+ and all of the remaining funds diverted into bickering with James Cameron, or building a huge shopping mall at Downtown Disney, there seems little scope to roll out the money hose for attractions based on what is certain to be one of the most successful contemporary feature animations in the Disney catalogue.

Disney possibly appear to have been overwhelmed by the response to Frozen.
I admit that I love it, the family loves it, and we never tire of hearing it playing everywhere we go.  Dance schools and amateur stage performances all over the world are putting kids forward with fabulous enthusiasm to sing ‘Let it Go’ or ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’.  Frozen is that popular, it has inspired kids to sing, every bit as much as American Idol or X Factor.

Shame that DIsney, just didn’t manage to do something with that popularity at all inside WDW.

Yes, the character greet has been fabulous.  Critics say the line waits are too long, but the kids seemed to appreciate the opportunity from what I see on social media.
The Festival of Fantasy Parade was even slightly adjusted to include more Frozen content.

I didn’t expect an E-ticket ride to spring up out of the hallowed Disney turf in just a few months, but Disney’s spectacularly weak effort at Hollywood Studios this summer shows that the cynics and critics may have a point; that Disney appears to have lost the ability to put guests before their profit line.

Having failed on Frozen, under-delivered on Star Wars, delayed on Avatar and possibly outrun by Diagon Alley, we can probably expect to see some very big changes following the 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders next spring.



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