Universal Studios – Foreign Policy Could be Better!

Have you ever been so annoyed that you can’t do anything but laugh out loud?

So, as Universal Studios place the finishing touches to their hottest and very impressive new Harry Potter themed area, they run another ‘Sweepstake’ to allow fans to win another trip to Orlando.  Check out the ‘Search For Diagon Alley Supplies‘ page.
Like most, if not all of Universal’s recent competitions, Universal keep their purse strings ‘string snappingly’ tight, by excluding anyone outside of the USA.

At first glance, many Americans will be pleased about this, and rightly so.
Fewer entries mean higher chances of course.  But hang on a minute!

  • Isn’t the Wizarding World of Harry Potter an Internationally acclaimed story?
  • Aren’t the Japanese crazy about all things Potter?
  • Didn’t JK Rowling hail from the UK?
  • Aren’t Canadians some of the most important guests in Orlando?
  • Am I right in assuming that Brazil is the biggest emerging source of visitors?
  • Didn’t almost one million brits visit Orlando each year for decades?

It’s time that Universal dropped their USA only policy and reached out to the huge market that faithfully visits the region, year in year out!
In fact, i’m going to research Xenophobia reversal spells in my Hogwarts manual this very afternoon!  Watch out Universal Execs, you may soon become a little croaky lol
Or if it all goes wrong, my spell will backfire and turn all of the Minions into the Seven Dwarfs!