The crowd goes mild!

Why aren’t Disney building new attractions at Walt Disney World?

The cute and family friendly Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is open at last, and so a long and desolate vacuum is born.
Setting any upgrades to one side, believe it or not, the next entirely new Walt Disney World attraction is not going to appear until 2017.

No, that isn’t a bitter rumour or exaggeration.

That is when Disney are expected to open Pandora to the public after literally years of debate and negotiating with James Cameron over the detailing of the highly immersive area that is often referred to as Avatar Land.

Cameron has been rumoured to be a bit of a detail freak, but I am beginning to wonder if Disney had been using him as an excuse instead of the real reason which many of us suspect to be the Next Generation project that Disney guests know more as MyMagic+.
As reported earlier, the top man for next gen became a corporate casualty in May 2014, despite delivering what has clearly been an immense project.

If the rumours and evidence are all aligned, its increasingly clear that Disney’s capital budget has not only vanished into MyMagic+, but maybe, enough of the next few year’s funds have also vanished into the ether(net).
The timing is dreadful for Disney, as Universal grasped the opportunity to turn the ‘money hose’ on in style since 2012.
In just a few years, let’s take a look at what Universal have been up to:

  • Diagon Alley (a vast area that took just over two years to build)
  • Springfield (a high quality Simpsons themed dining and shopping area)
  • Transformers Ride
  • Spiderman Update
  • Cabana Bay beach Resort
  • Land Buy for Wet n Wild
  • Rumours of a new water park based resort

Disney’s Imagineers have been placed into an eternal sleep it seems until the money grabbing programs of Disney Springs and MyMagic+ have paid their way back.
Of course, Disney could be plotting right now to exceed our expectations, but anything other than an upgraded Frozen version of Maelstrom is very unlikely over the coming years.

Disney have a monopoly right now on that middle class, middle aged, high end customer base, but a new wave of youthful magic is focussed more intently on the rather cool and exciting world that is rising from the ground at a lightning pace at Universal Boulevard.

Disney need more than Angelina Jolie’s help to awaken their slumbering royalty at Lake Buena Vista!


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