MyMagic+ is Great For Guests But Lost A Guy His Job!

Annual Passholder RFIDNick Franklin is probably the bravest of Disney Executives.
As the very old saying in procurement goes; “nobody got fired for specifying IBM”.
This week though, the guy at the very top of Disney’s mind blowingly ambitious ‘NextGen’ project (MyMagic+ to me and you), left the company.

Wow, to use that metaphor, he certainly didn’t specify IBM, he couldn’t.  MyMagic+ is without doubt one of the most complex IT/Retail/Room Access/Entertainment/Reservation Systems ever built!
OK, let’s go one step further, it is the only such system ever built.

He took the challenge, and from where I am sitting right now, he did a pretty good job of it too, despite having it taken off him prematurely and handed over to the parks ops guru Tom Staggs.

So kids, if you ever get a job at Disney, forget what Uncle Walt said;

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Instead, just take the safest route possible, take your pay check and never do anything out of the ordinary!
Nice job Disney!  That should encourage the stars of tomorrow’s boardroom!

Oh he left did he?  He wasn’t asked to leave?


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