Can a Rat Impress at Epcot?

Remy has been at Epcot for many years over in the Chefs de France restaurant, until the big meat cleaver came down, to send him on his way back to France we guess!
Picking up on one of my favoirte theme park rumour blogs there’s a remote possibility that a soon to open Disneyland Paris attraction might also head to Orlando at some point.

Sure, as the blog post suggests, it is as vague as can be right now, but the one thing that Epcot really does need is a big bunch of family fun, and fast.
Right now, Epcot appeals to ‘certain types’ of Disney guest, so if you are an Epcot fan, which of these are you?

  • Middle aged
  • Middle Class
  • Determined to travel the world but don’t have a passport
  • Your kids eat trail mix but not Skittles
  • You are from one of the countries that are represented in the World Showcase

Haha! I bet you were getting mad up until the last qualifier!

No, but seriously, do your kids really bounce around the hotel room at the prospect of going to Epcot?  Happy yes, excited, no.
Somehow, Disney really do need to add some more appeal to Epcot for the whole family and create some exciting new attractions and fast.
Ratatouille, Frozen, Soarin upgrade and a rethink of Innoventions would be a great place to start!



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