Boarding Soon! The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

New Fantasyland Concept Art

Bored of waiting?  Don’t be!  It’s boarding soon!

At last!  It is actually ready!

Last week Disney promo videos were shot and the boards finally came down as final preparations were made by the Walt Disney Imagineering team before they handed this attention grabbing attraction over to the eager Operational team at the Magic Kingdom.

Thank goodness Disney do not manage Santa Claus each year, or we would probably be faced with a lot of tearful children and reams of Gantt charts and timing plans with lots of red scribbling all over!
Can you really believe that it has taken almost four years to build this attraction?
Yes, that’s correct, groundbreaking occurred in March 2010 and the dust still won’t be fully cleared away until the official press launch on May 2nd 2014!

Quite what created this mind boggling wait, is beyond me and must amuse Disney’s competitors a few miles north!  They knocked together their Diagon Alley in just over two years!
Sure, I think building a new ride inside an existing gust area offers some logistical issues, but twice as long to build half as much?  Will it be twice as good as Diagon Alley?
We will very soon find out if rumours about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are correct.
More coming very soon it seems!

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