Disney’s Mickey Pants Dessert Rip Off!

Mickey Pants Bucket

We’ve seen a bunch of reports at how wonderful Disney’s new Mickey Kitchen Sink Dessert is over the last few days.
Sure it’s cute, but hey!  $23 is purely crazy money for 3 scoops of soft serve plopped into an imported plastic bucket.  It will no doubt be tasty and the gorgeous theming will prove irresistible but is $23 really worth it?

Let Disney answer that question for you in fact: NO IT IS NOT WORTH $23!

Nip over to California and you can reach over the counter for one of these chilly desserts for only $11.99!  Same recipe, same bucket, different state!
Of late, Disney have appeared to change their tactics, and we can honestly sense that Disney are on a route that will definitely risk weakening their biggest asset:
Guest Goodwill!

Nobody likes high prices, but people like being taken for a ride even less!



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