Mark Hamill (who?) Star Wars Event

Mark hamill pew pew pewPlease forgive me for this one.
One of the legends of my childhood will be appearing at Hollywood Studios over the weekend of June 6th to 8th.
As part of the Star Wars weekends event, Hamill will appear in a motorcade of sorts, but will not be signing autographs!

……and there was silence………………………….

As perhaps the ultimate star wars hero, Luke Skywalker was the stuff of legends.
Every boy that dreamed of space combat, had an image of Hamill’s youthful face in his mind.

Mark_Hamill_2010Amazingly my disappointment grew to a feverish anger as I discovered that Hamill ‘would not be signing autographs’.
Ok, now you’ve blown it you intergalactic coward!
How on earth could a once legendary actor shun the opportunity to repay his loyal fans with a simple signature?
While we are on the subject, ‘once legendary’ could be the operative phrase!   When did you see Hamill on screen for anything else at all?

So, in terms of making a HUGE mistake, I dedicate the ‘golden space poop award‘ to ‘Mark no Signature Hamill‘.

Mark_Hamill_signature Mark Hamill’s signature (not coming to a planet near you!)






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