Disney’s Annual Passholder & Magicbands

Annual Passholder RFID

Sometimes, even good folk need to let off steam and the collective scream from annual passholders must sound something like “WTF?”.
Forgive me, for swearing a little, it’s rare and it probably won’t happen again!

Right now, my status as an annual passholder is probably akin to ‘illegal immigrant’.
Yep I’m contributing, but I’m ever so nervous that I really don’t fit into the system very nicely.  In fact, I was beginning to question whether was wanted at all!

But then, without warning, and not from the sweet lips of Disney, I read in the Sentinel that a trial was already rolling out for AP holders.   Hoorah!  At long last I sighed.
But then, and I promised not to do this, I cried WTF? for the second time in one blog post worth of space!

The murderous non Disney people in Disney’s IT Dept had somehow chopped our ‘booking window’ for FP+ from the resort guests’ 60 days to a mind crushing 30.
This, for me, is the end of the world.  I know that the difference is meaningless, I mean to say, why on earth, or more to the point, how on earth would I book a precise ride time some 60 days out?

That of course isn’t the point.  I just feel aggrieved that Disney, left me to last and then on top of it all, clip my wings!

Feeling very……..

Grumpy Passholders at WDW


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