Even the Disney Mouse Boats are Scaled Back!

Disney continue to send out some very confusing messages to their loyal theme park guests these days!
While they turn in dazzling financials, they appear to display the behavour of a company in deep financial difficulty as they scale back some very popular park and resort features.

A raft of performers have recently left WDW, perhaps the starting point being the Boardwalk magician Brian Staron.  This highly popular guy, just couldn’t conjure up a a new contract last year and sadly no longer performs for WDW guests.
Of course, stuff like that just happens.  It’s business.

Disney however, really do seem to be focussed on nickel and diming their way about town these days as more and more important acts, most notably ‘PUSH’ the talking trash can, vanish into the history books at WDW, despite howls of protests from adoring guests.

Now, Disney really cause some waves, by cutting back on their iconic water rental craft in a number of WDW locations.
Apparently, some of their contractor’s locations in WDW are ‘under-performing!’
Really?  Is this a real problem to Disney?  A few bits of fibre glass and a lawnmower engine are hurting the Disney Corp balance sheet?

Carry on Disney if you want, but somewhere along the line, you are going to prove those tiresome whiners right that ‘Walt really wouldn’t be happy about this!’


One thought on “Even the Disney Mouse Boats are Scaled Back!

  1. I agree, Disney keeps raising prices and cutting back on things like no CM’s on the boats in the Land at EPCOT. Disney also seems to have been nickel and diming on the extra little things that make a vacation or in my case a day trip since I do live in Orlando memorable. It just seems to me that the attention is focused more on the bottom line than it is on guest satisfaction.

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