Universal Follow Up With Even Bigger price Increases!

Well, what a shocker!
Just days after Disney lifted their prices, here comes Universal doing the same, if not more to lighten your wallet next vacation!

A $4 increase on adult and kid day passes takes you up to $96 and $90 respectively.

But the two day park to park passes seem to have rocketed out of this Universe (ha!!)
Now this most popular pass, will set you back a small fortune!
From $146.99 to $175.99 for adults!

While I am in no doubt that it is going to be worth it in a few months time, I honestly think that the gold inside the Gringotts Bank has gone to the head of their Parks CEO Thomas Williams!

At peak times of the year, the parks are already rammed full of guests that have little option to ‘head to a quieter park’.  Unlike WDW, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios can peak out very quickly, leaving 60 minute + line waits for almost all of the popular attractions.
At the height of the season, without the added benefit of the seasonally priced  Express Plus system, you could easily hand over your $96 for a regular day pass and gain the pleasure of 2 attractions in the morning, a lengthy wait for lunch and a couple of attractions in the afternoon.  At $25 a ride, no, I don’t think that is value for money!

Sorry Disney ‘erm, I mean Universal!

2 thoughts on “Universal Follow Up With Even Bigger price Increases!

  1. Maybe I’m just a jaded Universal fan, but I think Universal is giving me a better bang for my dollar personally. What really did surprise me with the See the two park pass jump like it did, I would think that a two-park pass would be less than twice the price of a one park, one day ticket. I do have to ask you a question, was it the two park one day pass or the two park two day pass that that jumped to $195? There is a difference.

  2. Hi WCF
    The original post had an error as it was posted as breaking news, it is corrected now!

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