Disney are Stealing the Magic!

More often than not, when such a huge organisation as Disney is involved, opinions matter very little.  Facts and data are what drives decisions.
When the latest price increases were being considered, Disney would have most certainly expected a backlash, but calculated that it was indeed worth taking the risk.
The slight U-turn on Tuesday, offering a free extra day, hasn’t just been dreamed up as a panic reaction.  That scenario will already have been planned in the event that we all got a little restless in cyberland.
In a way, it kind of shows that Disney can do pretty much whatever they want with pricing, yet ‘appear’ to be considerate to popular opinion by offering an olive branch.
In reality, the percentage of 6 person groups that can benefit from this latest ‘giveaway’ is minimal and the average park guests will have to take it on the chin, dig deeper into their wallets and decide what to cut back on to make up the $72 difference that it now costs a family of 5 to enter WDW for 6 days.
If $72 doesn’t sound too bad, then always bear in mind, that every family has finite resources, that Disney appear to be desperate to get their hands on, whatever it takes!

As I checked out one of my favorite forums last night (wdwmagic), some rather smart forum members quite rightly pointed out that Disney appear to be resting on their ‘magic laurels’ a little too heavily.  Sure, they can think they are making tons of money now, but what happens in 10 years time, when the existing army of Disney fans, steadily gets replaced by the younger ‘Universal’ fans that were brought up on ‘Wizardry, rather than Pixie Dust’?

Personally, I can’t see that day coming for me, but my own kids, most definitely, and it already beginning to happen as they evolve from a lifetime of the Simpsons, Despicable Me, and of course Harry Potter himself.

Don’t be too sure that the Disney Magic will last forever for everyone!


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