Disney Ticket Prices – To Infinity and Beyond!

Well where did that latest Disney ticket increase come from?
Out of the blue, with no warning whatsoever, Disney rudely slapped another $4 onto the entrance fee for a single park ticket.
Sure, i agree it is still worth it, and don’t Disney know that.  Trouble is, there are many that don’t think it is worth it, as ‘The Most Magical Place on Earth’ steadily evolves into ‘The Most Privileged Place on Earth’.

A hundred bucks to enter?

Some observers are anticipating more, and one unofficial Orlando Guide Blog makes a sensible argument for $150+ by 2025!
Personally, I think they are way off the mark.  My aim is nearer $200!  Seriously!

Sure I will be at the Magic Kingdom in 2025, but will I be able to afford a Mickey Premium?
By then the current price of $3.75 will have risen to around $5.75 and heaven knows how much they will be charging to take a ‘pee’!

By then, expect all water fountains, toilet paper dispensers and first aid room doors to be magicband operated, with deductions from your credit or debit card made the moment you flush, slurp our stumble!

Ok, so will it really be that bad?
No, but my cynical attitude does bear some reality; if Disney can charge more for anything, and get away with it, they certainly will.
We aren’t being conned here by this huge corporate giant, we are the ones that are letting ourselves be dazzled.  Disney aren’t in the business of making happiness any more, that concept died long ago.  Instead, they are whole heartedly focussed on making money and we should never ever forget that as our favorite characters, magical music and wonderful parades fill our hearts with fantasy on our next visit!

Apologies to any Disney fans reading this, I woke up this morning and the world seems very different!


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