Disney Quest Review Hints at a Problem in DTD

Looking skyward at the futuristic structure of the Disney Quest building

Disney Quest takes a big hit this week as the Orlando Sentinel’s Arts Writer makes a visit to Downtown Disney’s big interactive family entertainment and play centre in the heart of the district’s West Side.

With many fabulous digital games to play, Disney Quest is famed for acting as a fun filled haven for rainy days in Orlando, but Matthew Palm didn’t feel that things were going too well for the indoor attraction when he visited recently with friends.

His article suggests that a number of the activities were defective or just plain tired, including game such as the ‘not so 3-D’ Pirates of the Caribbean game, that left everyone with double vision.  Other games such as PACMAN had broken joysticks, adding to the sense that Disney Quest was definitely showing its age since its debut in 1998.

I mirror the feelings of Matthew’s party of fun seekers; Why?

Take a trip to the Magic Kingdom and litter can barely flutter to the floor before being grabbed and pinched by those ever present aluminum ‘nippers’.  Ever seen a partly broken attraction in WDW?  No, neither have we.  They either get shut down, or rectified overnight.  Why on earth would a premium attraction costing adults $45 and kids $39 be in a state of disrepair?

Could it be, that Disney budgets are well and truly broken right now?
Disney are making record profits of late, so they are hardly stuck for cash, but that is entirely different to ‘having enough budget for repairs and replacement’.
Once a department has spent its limit, though luck, there’s no more left.  Perhaps the manager in charge of Disney Quest is confusing financial responsibility with guest satisfaction.  Whatever the cause of the tight fisted stance at Disney Quest, it is most un-Disney like!

Some alternative possible explanations, although far from an acceptable excuse, is that the attraction isn’t destined to stick around for long.  Maybe a better alternative is being planned as part of the Disney Springs project and maybe Disney Quest is doomed in its current form.  Regardless of all this, Disney should make the efforts to offer a quality experience for all of its guests in every tiny corner of its vast empire.
After all, it really isn’t short of cash!

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