PUSH Update – No More Talk From the Trash Can at Disney


One thing that I have learned over the years as a Disney travel writer is that Disney fans and change go together like Minnie Mouse and Spiderman.
I can understand many reasons for this, especially when change comes in the form of REMOVAL.  If something is ADDED, then the problem seems a little less emotional, but when something is sent into the archives forever, so too must our treasured moments from our childhood.  Those special features of the parks are painful to lose when we return with our own kids, excited to see what we ourselves loved so much.

This last few weeks has seen a little excitement as one of Disney World’s favorite little characters appeared to be headed the garbage dump after doing his bit for almost 20 years to keep the park clean, and guests laughing.

‘PUSH the talking trash can’ had a special Facebook Page to try and save him from the scrap heap, and at points even the Orlando Sentinel joined in to support the beleif that Disney and PUSH would stay a team.

Over Sunday February 9th, a few fan sites appeared to dig up some dirt on what had possibly caused the confusion over PUSH.  One of my favorite sites for news ‘Walt Disney World News Today‘ revealed a little insight that PUSH wasn’t actually a piece of Disney property, but an external performer that had been contacted into the parks.

With ‘almost 20 years of service’ as a big clue, it would be reasonable to expect that Disney’s contract with PUSH’s owner/creator/operator was about to come to an end.
Although speculation right now, one possible cause of concern for Disney has been hinted by WDWNT.com.
If Disney felt that the online campaign to ‘save PUSH’ had been created deliberately as a negotiation method, I can understand them feeling that this wasn’t going to work out for the good.

Right now, reliable sources such as WDWNT and TouringPlans are marking the demise of the cute little bin as ‘a done deal’.

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