SeaWorld Fight Back and OSHA Investigator Bias Claim

This week has seen a lot of activity surrounding the ongoing ‘Blackfish’ documentary.
SeaWorld issued a long awaited response to the documentary that berated the treatment of SeaWorld’s killer whales at their parks.

Seemingly a few months later than expected, SeaWorld attempt to put the record straight on a few key points raised in the documentary, but their Facebook page lit up with angry respondents that continued to berate the park’s use of Orcas for entertainment.

This isn’t going to be an easy year for SeaWorld, but at least now, the debate can begin.

OSHA Investigator pictured with the Blackfish team at the Sundance festival premier?


Image reproduced from Micechat 

One amazing development revealed by Micechat readers this week appears to show one of the OSHA Investigators involved in the ongoing investigation into the tragic incident with Dawn Brancheau on February 24th 2010.
If their inspector, Lara Padgett, was the person in the picture taken with cast and crew at Blackfish’s premier, OSHA’s credibility in the case will be cast in doubt, further supporting SeaWorld’s claims that propaganda and bias is currently at play.


One thought on “SeaWorld Fight Back and OSHA Investigator Bias Claim

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