Now Busch Gardens Lose Bands – Who Cares Anyway?

Well what do you know?  Blackfish didn’t get an Oscar Nomination.

This week it is Busch Gardens that lost some bands from its Bands, Brew & BBQ festival that runs over February and early March of this year.
Why?  Well,, Busch Gardens is managed under the SeaWorld Parks organisation.  That’s why.

Hardly surprising, but a bunch of old ‘has beens’ which in my mind were actually pretty cool until this week despite the effects of time, have announced that they are pulling out of the festival.  Now I don’t want to be unking to Busch, but this is one of those instances where we all go ‘big deal’.

Although many of the acts were top headliners in their day, the live shows are hardly worth booking a flight for, or making a special drive across state.  If you are there when they are playing, then hey, get over to the theater and enjoy some fun!
Don’t get me wrong, I am not trivializing this event, just putting a balanced view on it.
A few years ago, the Osmonds were there.  Believe me, they were there and I was too, with about 50 other people in the rather chilly February air!  It was nice to say I’d seen them and that was about it.

So now that the Beach Boys, Pat Benatar and no doubt more to come have left the stage, lets just think about what probably happened:

Their Facebook pages and fan sites received negative comments.  They pulled out.

OK, so the performers think they win by avoiding controversy and receiving a little kudos for caring.   Well maybe not actually.
In 2012 a whopping 5,358,000 of us attended Tilikum’s SeaWorld Orlando residence.
Over 5 million guests a year makes SeaWorld a bigger following than just about any 60’s and 70’s acts that I can think of.
Don’t forget all of the other SeaWorld and Busch fans that aren’t going to have too much respect for these fickle musicians!
On the subject of SeaWorld fans, I doubt we’d find many, if any park guests that actually act harmfully towards creatures.  By definition SeaWorld fans are curious and caring.
By entering the gate, are we really contributing to the problem?
Being honest, yes, in a very localized small scale, yes.
In the bigger picture though, I repeat my genuine thoughts that SeaWorld does more good than harm by raising awareness.  They have reached my family in a powerful way and I suspect they did a good job on 5 million others.

Come the day that animal rights campaigners see the world in a balanced way, the world might respect their good work too.

As a responsible person, I’m not going to ‘troll’ their fan sites though.
Most of us have lives to lead and kids to take care of.  Our kids are fortunate enough to have parents that have a balanced and unbiased mentality, particularly when it comes to dealing with difficult subjects such as an Orca in captivity.

Many of those that have spoken up against SeaWorld are in the ‘Don’t like it, don’t understand it, so let’s kill it!’ brigade.
While the world becomes more and more polarized in opinions about many aspects of life, those that can see with two eyes and hear through two ears, but only speak proportionately through one mouth, will indeed be at a huge advantage!

On that point, before anyone mentions it, I have probably read 8 articles before writing this LOL (just to make sure that I stick to my own advice!

Who would have thought that running a theme park was such a messy game?

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