Overwhelming Choice makes it a One in Three Meal Success!

You know how it is, your kids are tetchy and your husband gets distracted and you are one hour past your normal meal time.  Not great huh?

If there’s one thing that moms always seem to feel the full pleasure of responsibility for, it’s a mealtime!  Dare suggest picking the next family car, and you are toast.  Despite being the main user of this family vehicle, and for years, the expert in its repetitive routes to the school, store, and to pick him and his friends up from the bar, I apparently know nothing about cars!

Imagine then, visiting a place I have long dreamed of, yet know so little about and all of a sudden I am VP of catering and dining!
Armed with weeks of research, I enter into Orlando.  Clueless.

All of those amazing places to eat that I’d read about are securely out of the ‘hard drive’ in my brian and are their brand names are rushing around the ‘random access memory’ like bullets in a steel drum!

Two days into the vacation, we are ‘burger bound’.  That’s a medical term that my husband uses for a certain consequence of eating too many burgers.   I know that you knew that already, but I thought I’d give you a little insight into the crap I have to put up with lol.

So, back to business, yes, two days in and not one of those recommended restaurants has fallen into sight and I want to know why.  Every forum, every book I had read had bummed these places so hard, they would surely be overloaded with guests by now!
Finally we caught up with one that I recognised, the NASCAR Grill at CityWalk.

On the sidewalk that links the parking lot to Universal Studios theme park, there it was.  Like a beacon, my first recommended restaurant on the list!
90 minutes later, we were back on the sidewalk in the now searing heat, hands washed of the grease and a smiling husband, trying to be nice, but clearly not actually being nice in his own head.  A kind of smug ‘Ha!’ floating around in one of those comic strip bubbly things.

It wasn’t until a few days had passed that his sickly grin had gone, clearly he must have had other things on his mind, such as that bright red neck that had fried nicely in his factor 8 (Ha!).  It wasn’t until around that time that we’d landed in the Raglan Road Irish Pub, and a few courses later, I felt that at least some of the advice was worthwhile!

We chatted with the Brits on the table next to us.  Nice Brits in fact.
They clearly were experts, not too enthusiastic, not too knowledgable for me to fall into a yawning frenzy, but nice Brits.  (What is it though with Brits and Crocs?  Stop it right now!)

We noted a few tips of theirs down and checked a few of their websites out that they felt were more realistic than most.

First up is the Disney Food Blog, and we didn’t disagree.  Perhaps this most comprehensive of food sites, the dedicated AJ, certainly knows her stuff about Disney park food.  The only mistake I did make was read a fantastic article about a restaurant in Disney Land Paris.  It took me several paragraphs of reading it to Mr (Ha!) before that smirk appeared again on his ruby red freckly face.
Great site though and definitely one to work your way through.

The next site we wrote down, but appeared to have lost for a while.  We didn’t discover it again until I started writing this blog post.  A quick search for Best Restaurants Near Disney in Google and there you have it!  Top of the pile came a good list of restaurants that were worth seeking out.  A few were out of our price range, and a few were out of town a little, but some big treats were on there that we will actually be trying next time!
There’s also a link to an article on there for the Cheapest Places to Eat Near Disney.
Watch out for a post from Mr (Ha!) on that one!

Until next time!

This article was written by Guest Blogger Mrs (Ha!)




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