Spice Road Table At Epcot – 5 Star Food (and eyesore!)

I’ve been throughly excited for the Spice Road Table to open, and although I haven’t been myself yet, the reports I’ve read at the Disney Food Blog and WDWMagic indicate that the food is a fresh and delicious as we’d all anticipated!

Everything about the newest Epcot dining venue’s food and service seems to get the thumbs up!
The dishes seem beautifully presented and the quick prep times for the small plates dishes generally tend to ensure that this genre is prepared quickly and using the freshest ingredients.

With its outdoor seated areas and indoor tables and booths, this compact restaurant looks set to turn over thousands of delicious dishes each day (and evening).
The layout of the Moroccan themed tapas bar ensures an amazing view of the Illuminations fireworks and laser show.

The only question is:
Spice Road Table PaintWill those stood on the other side of the World Showcase Lagoon be able to see the show?  Take a look at the garish paint scheme and you will see what I mean!  Yuk!
Normally the Disney Imagineers are faultless when it comes to theming, and Epcot especially benefits from some of the finest faux structures in the world.
Perhaps under protest, they were ordered to make the new Tapas Bar ‘stand out’.

Hmm, if so, they appeared to have excelled!

Please note that the above image is reproduced from the wdwmagic.com article about the Spice Road Table



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