Spice Road Table Restaurant is coming soon to Epcot!

Tingis Sampler


There’s a very good reason why Epcot lands in second spot for attendance figures.
As a much more cultured and laid back theme park, Epcot really does appeal to the inquisitive side of our natures.  Sure, I love some of those great rides and attractions, such as Soarin and the slightly ‘dumbed down’ Test Track (that’s another long story!), but for me, the appeal is the concept of travel that makes a visit so special.
The World Showcase evolved at Epcot, just as the Travel industry really took off, and truly drew out that curios appeal in far flung places ‘that we’ve heard about’ but never quite visited.
Epcot’s Morocco is to me, the best of the locations along Epcot’s World Showcase, and there’s a very good reason why, (I think!).
The Morocco Pavilion is probably the most painstakingly created of the ‘countries at Epcot’ much of that detail by ‘Royal decree’.  King Hassan II insisted that Disney created a truly authentic pavilion, using trained Moroccan artisans that adhered to the importance of Islamic beliefs.  (Notice that you will not see any human depictions around the pavilion’s many mosaics?).
The whole experience is rather overwhelming, it has perhaps the most authentic feel to it, not even rivalled for authenticity by its nearest ‘competitors’ such as the Norway, German and UK pavilions.

Disney have lifted the Moroccan experience beautifully it seems with the upcoming addition of the Spice Road Table restaurant at the lagoon side.
Expected to open some time in January of 2014, this new ‘small plates’ restaurant looks set to lift the quality levels of Epcot’s already great reputation even higher.

With lamb sliders, rice stuffed vine leaves and mussel tagine, guests can choose to take a seat either indoors or out thanks to the 120 terrace seats and 60 booth places indoors.

I can’t wait to try this place!



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