SeaWorld Groupon Discounts

One Ocean Shamu Show SeaWorldThere’s a battle of wits going on right now between SeaWorld execs and the various ‘haters’ of the marine life themed parks.  As the Bands Brew and BBQ controversy keeps drumming away, the music industry seems to be drawn into a debate that at times seemed to have passed by in recent months.

The Blackfish movie took a fairly hard swipe at SeaWorld’s practices and the public kind of grimaced, but seemingly carried on their business (in the main).
Sure, SeaWorld would have been much happier without the scathing documentary being aired left right and center, but the SeaWorld Parks do appear to have weathered this sea storm better than they might have hoped.

The news this week that SeaWorld were offering hefty Groupon discounts on tickets to be used over the Winter deserves some thought.  Initially it could be easy to assume that SeaWorld are panicking, but my guess is that they know that this hefty attack on their PR is perhaps winnable, despite the pressure on the Bands Brew and BBQ event due to start in early Feb of 2014.
If they can continue to weather the storm, and appeal to any guests ‘on the fence’ by 40% discounts, they might win the battle and the war over Shamu!

Going forward, SeaWorld might put on a defiant front, but behind the scenes we will expect that SeaWorld might invest their funds in ‘non performance’ animal exhibits and attractions.  A battle won today, does not mean that the future battles will be as easy!



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