SeaWorld’s Shamu Show Woes Continue


Update: 19th Dec 2013
Only Justin Moore and Scotty McCreery remain on the billing so far, leaving 10 of the 12 original dates cancelled or unfilled.

Update: 11th Dec 2013
Cheap Trick also announce that they will not perform in SeaWorld’s 2014 Bands Brew & BBQ festival.

Original Article

The Music Industry appears to have succeeded where all others have failed.

Towards the end of November, the band ‘Barenaked Ladies’ pulled out of SeaWorld’s annual Bands Brew & BBQ music festival.
This popular music festival that runs from early February through early March has been immensely successful in recent years and adds a much welcome opening to the year’s big events around Orlando.

Depending how you look at things, it sadly looks very unlikely that this music event will be going ahead in 201, or perhaps any future year, so long as SeaWorld continue with the ‘Shamu Show’ more formally known as ‘One Ocean’.

Since the ‘Barenaked Ladies’ fans brought pressure upon their band to pull out of the SeaWorld music festival, Wille Nelson, Heart, and most likely more will turn their backs on SeaWorld as momentum gathers against the publicity gathered by the Blackfish movie.
We don’t see any let up in cancellations, nor do we predict any brave souls stepping in to replace those missing bands.

Joan Jett has formally written to SeaWorld’s CEO Jim Atchison asking for her ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ hit to be removed from the Shamu Rocks show.

“I’m among the millions who saw ‘Blackfish’ and am sickened that my music was blasted without my permission at sound-sensitive marine mammals,” the letter says.
Jett calls for the park to release the animals to coastal sanctuaries.  “This move would show that your company is truly family-friendly,” the letter says.

As I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions, SeaWorld needs to change and fast, and the upcoming Bands Brew & BBQ mights facilitate that change sooner rather than later, however, I can’t help think about some of the artists that have knowingly supported SeaWorld over the years.  Why the sudden change of heart I wonder?

Irrespective of my dislike of animal cruelty, or whether I feel that SeaWorld have been remiss, there’s no doubt about it that some of the fickle music industry players, were all to happy to turn a ‘blind eye’ until their pockets risked being affected.
Is this the first time that Joan Jett had been made aware that SeaWorld used here song each evening?  Of course not.

That, I guess, is the way of the world but now it looks as though SeaWorld are about to feel the pinch as the heat is turned up on its park operations.

The outcome is inevitable that the last ‘One Ocean’ shows towards the end of the Christmas and New Year holidays will be the very last ever.  It is fairly hard to imagine, given the current public sentiment, that it can ever return.  If you love it, make the most of it now.
Beyond the One Ocean show, I’d also recommend planning to catch Blue Horizons and Clyde and Seamour which could almost certainly become gradual notes in the history book as SeaWorld Parks respond to criticism of the animal performances.
It won’t simply stop at the Shamu Show, and it most likely won’t stop with SeaWorld as the spotlight brightens on theme park animal exhibits and performances in general.

It kind of makes you wonder if this is why Disney have been keeping so many new theme park developments ‘in the wings?’


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