The Start of A New Era For SeaWorld?

One Ocean Shamu Show SeaWorldThe Orlando Sentinel recently reported that the Shamu Show ‘One Ocean’ would take a seemingly lengthy break from the New Year.
Oddly timed perhaps, the surprise maintenance work is reported to tie in with essential repairs to the main show pool at Shamu Stadium.

Dine with ShamuDuring the closure, which is expected to last a whopping 3 whole months, the Dine with Shamu event also takes a break.  Instead, SeaWorld will apparently use the extra ticket dining area for a Shamu up Close event that so far hasn’t been given any details.

With a raft of adverse publicity, a huge sell off of shares by the current majority stakeholders Blackstone, it is more than understandable that observers might jump to conclusions and start reading more into the shutdown than the press releases might suggest.

Many observers are expected, and in many cases hoping that SeaWorld takes the negative publicity surrounding the controversial Blackfish movie as an opportunity to move away from live animal performance towards rescue and care.
As a proud fan of the SeaWorld theme park, with no prejudices towards it whatsoever, I too confess that it really is time for change.
My dream I guess, is that this unusually lengthy ‘rehab’, is a ‘toe in the water’ as the park’s management evaluates the gate attendances during the closure.
Perhaps if the closure goes well, confidence to change the format of the huge Shamu Stadium’s offering will encourage SeaWorld to do the right and inevitable thing.

A really great, large scale ‘natural’ environment would certainly give the existing killer whales a better quality of life.  They can’t be returned to the wild, so SeaWorld can’t be criticised for doing the best of a not so great job.
Thinking about Pacific Point, and more recently Antarctica Empire of the Penguin, the park operator appears to be doing a fair job of creating more natural and spacious habitats for their wonderful animals.

Let’s do our best during the close of the One Ocean show.
I for one, will be visiting regularly, and encouraging my friends, family and our blog readers to do the same, to support the possibility of a really great move that SeaWorld must be long overdue in taking!

Good luck SeaWorld and even better luck to those magnificent Orcas.

3 thoughts on “The Start of A New Era For SeaWorld?

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