Disney Build Some Bridges for the Spring!

If the title of this blog post means something to you, give yourself a very well deserved round of applause for being right up to speed with the latest developments at Walt Disney World!

The rest of us, including most of my family, might need a little explanation!

Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney area has provided Orlando visitors with an ever expanding array of shops and restaurants just a few miles away from four glorious theme parks for almost 40 years.

Disney recently decided that they could do better.  The result is a colossal expansion of Downtown Disney that will double the number of the 75 current locations.
Along with a multi level parking lot, Downtown Disney also gets a whole new name (in fact a rather historically themed name): Disney Springs.

The concept takes us back in time, to the turn of the 20th Century and the beautiful theme sounds a winner doesn’t it?

And so to those bridges!
As huge areas of Downtown Disney go under the wrecking ball, water ways and land areas are giving way to construction boards right just now.  The result is that the Marketplace area of Downtown Disney (The Christmas Shop end) and the West Side (Cirque du Soleil end) are effectively severed by construction work.
No problem for Disney!  They are just opening up a bunch of lovely wooden walkways to get guests over the water between A and B.

When Disney want you, they make sure that it is fun while those builders make your future vacation dreams come true!

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