Rhino Rally looks closed forever at Busch Gardens Tampa!

Busch Gardens certainly seems to be in a bit of a spot at the moment.
After turning in a great Howl O Scream event over Halloween, then beginning construction of the main tower of the Falcon’s Fury drop ride, we catch hold of a rumor update about the dubious future of the Rhino Rally attraction in the heart of the park.

Rhino Rally, like Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, takes guests out in a Land Rover across a mock safari trail.  The Busch version was a little more modest than Disney’s version, but it was still a great attraction that offered a chance to get out ‘into the wild’ for a few minutes.

Over the years a water feature suffered lots of technical issues and for most recent seasons, appeared out of action and part drained.

Our friends at Screamscape yesterday announced that they had heard that the attraction looks set to extend its ‘end of season closure’ indefinitely.
They added that the nearby elephant enclosure would be extended to allow for a breeding program.

The move, if true, indicates that the SeaWorld / Busch parks might be aligning their animal programs more towards conservation and research, rather than entertainment as they desperately try to shrug off adverse publicity surrounding their Killer Whale issues, not least Tilikum over at SeaWorld.

I wish them luck as Busch Gardens is without doubt one of the very best of the theme parks, thanks to its amazing roller coaster collection and beautiful landscaping.  let’s hope they get things back on track!


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