Goodbye Lion King Festival until Summer?

A smiling woman performer in a colorful outfit with long blades of grass in her headpieceA shirtless performer wearing a skull-cap decorated with bones twirls a burning batonThree performers in orange monkey outfits sit in a row and groom one another

My favorite Disney show is about to get covered in dust sheets for a while and I’m not happy one bit!  A trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom means different things to different people of course, but the Festival of the Lion King is pretty much top of the list for just about anyone that has ever seen it.

Disney seem to have messed around for years with james Cameron, as they try to work out what on ‘another earth’ to do with their Pandora project together.
The delay and silence from Disney seems to have lasted so long that guests are now all caught up in Disney’s panic to make up ground.  While I love Animal Kingdom, there’s no doubt that the park needs a big boost, so Disney are dead right to turn on the style with a great area like Avatar, but the impact of bull dozing the area that currently houses the Festival of the Lion King theatre seems a little ‘ill planned’ to say the least!
Why would a fairly limited park give up one of its major headline attractions for so long?

In terms of really big draws, AK will be cut down to Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, Finding Nemo – The Musical and the Kali River Rapids alone.
Sure, there’s other stuff going on, such as Dinosaur, but beyond that, are we really expected to cough up $90 for 4 or 5 mainstream attractions plus a view of the Tree of Life shrouded in safety netting (to catch bits falling off it).

As a very positive and loyal Disney fan, I have to confess that the Animal Kingdom is letting me down a little.
Lots of much needed work will come, but surely Disney can work to a schedule that doesn’t make a half day park even smaller!

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