Gringott’s Bank Ride Looks Amazing!

The Orlandoinformer website posted a fantastic link to a youtube video that was recently uploaded.
The video is made by well renowned ride maker; Dynamic Attractions and shows what can only be described as an un-named version of what has long been anticipated to be the Gringott’s Bank Roller coaster that is due to debut some time over the summer of 2014.

The computer simulation of the Gringott’s Bank ride, looks set to be an incredible adventure ride if it makes reality in this design.  In reality, if Universal want to lunch by next summer, there’s not much time to make radical changes anyway!
As it is, the attraction is a combination of ‘white knuckle’, immersive video and lots of Universal’s trademark track switches.  This is without doubt going to be one of the hottest attractions in Orlando when it runs.

And so the disappointment continues for families with younger kids.
Universal\s two parks are quite simply weak at the very lest when it comes to entertaining under 10s.
With little more than the Woody Woodpecker zone and Dr Zeuss Landing to entertain, Universal really do seem to have gone for headline rides rather than family fun.
Many rumors abound that the Woodpecker area will receive a big makeover, but for now, Universal seem content at targeting teens and adults for its soon to be connected theme parks in Orlando.

Wizards or not, there’s no magic in that.


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