Jingle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom

Jungle Cruise


Expect some awful jokes this Christmas Holiday at the Magic Kingdom’s “Jingle Cruise”.
No, it’s not a typo, Disney really are renaming their Jungle Cruise this Christmas!

Those yawn inspiring jokes will most likely make you groan than laugh are all part of the Disney Magic that makes a visit to the Magic Kingdom so much fun!
As your boat captain guides you through the jungle rivers of the world, including the Amazon, Nile and many more, he or she will bombard your ears with an assault of awful jokes as you pass gently by many of the points of interest along the way.
With animatronics and static displays along the way, there’s no shortage of material for the guide to use against you!

The “Jingle Cruise” version is set to make official some of the gags and jokes that Cast Members of the ride have enjoyed over the years during Christmas Time.
Their creative imaginations have combined to create the festive version as an official event for the very first time during Christmas 2013!

Don’t miss the Jingle Cruise if you get chance this year!

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