Glow With the Show Ears make a very Dim Appearance

Just a few weeks into Walt Disney Word’s roll out of the Glow With the Show ears and take up of the $25 mouse ears is a little lower than the effect really needs.

Fantasmic’s first night at Hollywood Studios looked amazing, and a sure sign that things looked great for the hi-tech ears that pulse, glow and change color in time with the show.  The official Disney video (above) looks awesome for the debut evening show!

Once the PR hype, and the realisation that Disney had probably handed out hats free of charge takes effect, we can see a more recent show has a lesser effect.


Although the Glow with the Show ears still looked great, the more recent video reveals what guests could probably expect to see during a regular evening.

Disney have a big task ahead of them with the Glow with the Show ears.  Sure they will be popular, but the practicalities of these amazing hats is always going to create a challenge!

  • $100 + tax for a family of four!
  • The first ears sold, get used once or twice then are packed away for a year or more.  Lots of Ears need to be sold each and every day to ensure that the shows have the glow!
  • People might own them, but leave them at home or in the room
  • Battery life is relatively short (a few shows at best).  Many ears will stop working before the show commences!
  • Some guests dislike being distracted from the main show by flashing ears on the person’s head in front.

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