SeaWorld’s Polar Express will soon be here!

As November approaches, so too does my favorite Christmas Experience in Orlando.

Although I love all of the region’s theme parks, I can’t think of a better family event during the Holidays than SeaWorld’s Polar Express.  Disney?  Nah, they don’t even come close to unleashing this amount of Magic!

If you think I’m kidding, please take a trip on the Polar Express yourself and tell me I’m wrong later!  I bet you agree though!
The movie of the same name had something unique.  There was an awesome eeriness about the way the animation, almost 3D and lifelike thanks to its motion capture technology.   The SeaWorld Polar Express is no less charismatic, no less magical than the animated Movie and the stunning arctic environment inside the Wild Arctic animal exhibit area adds a touch of authentic realism that simply blows your mind as you shuffle respectfully towards the one and only Santa Claus seated patiently in his north pole ice cave.

If ever you wanted to teach your kids that Santa is real, this is your golden opportunity!

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