Downtown Disney Traffic Chaos Prediction

According to there’s going to be a tough time on the roads around Downtown Disney this Christmas.

Blaming the new multi level parking lot construction for removing spaces and causing confusion, the prediction is that DTD will become gridlocked during peak times this winter.

The introduction of Valet parking some time in October suggests that Disney are indeed bracing themselves for a tougher than usual time on the already busy roads around Disney’s ever popular shopping and dining location.

The concern for me, is more about the future.  How on earth will those awful roadways cope under the pressure from the vastly increased traffic that will result from the Disney Springs developments?

We’ve heard about plans to build a new ramp from the I-4, but as of now, we’ve seen no evidence so far, and quite honestly, I would have expected to by now if a 2016 deadline was to be met!

Surely Disney can’t have messed up on the golden rule “get them in fast and smoothly”

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