Rip Ride Rockit Reliability Concerns After 3 Hours Trapped!

Universal’s Rip Ride Rockit is certainly a great roller coaster.
It towers 167ft high, as Orlando’s tallest roller coaster and the loops and twists make this 65mph adrenalin ride one of the highlights of a trip to Universal.

That is if you manage to catch the ride running say some guests on forums and social media sites.  While we ourselves have never been on the ride during a stoppage, we have had a fair share of turnarounds in the line wait area due to ride system failures.

Those annoying occurrences are nothing however to last night’s event.  12 passengers spent a whopping 3 hours trapped on board the ride, before the Orlando Fire Dept freed them from the highest section of the ride.

Following a minor vehicle collision earlier this summer, Universal have not hesitated to announce that the ride will remain closed until the problem is fully understood.

Fortunately for the passengers, the stoppage occurred later in the evening, reducing the exposure to sunlight as darkness drew in.  Equally as fortunate, lightning storms did not add to the anxiety, which would have resulted in the tallest building around being exposed with 12 people trapped on board.


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