Disney CEO announces Magicbands for all Very Soon!

Disney’s $1.5 technology project is nearing its full roll out according to Chairman Bob Iger.

Speaking in front of analysts, he announced that the MyMagic+ system will be launched ‘very soon’, suggesting perhaps that we could expect to see all services up and running for all park guests in time for the very busy Christmas Holidays.

The whole purpose of the MyMagic+ system is to get guests to spend more, stay longer and eat more at Walt Disney Resort, so why miss a golden opportunity to make the most of the busiest season of the year?

Having tested the system out with 200,000 selected park and resort guests already, Disney should have enough performance data and corrective actions to get some fine tuning done over the fall.

For Disney, the maths is incredibly easy to justify such a huge ($1.5bn) spend.
Imagine that the turnstiles ‘click’ 47 million times a year at Walt Disney World alone.
To get a payback, Disney need to persuade each park guest to spend $32 per person extra and they have their money back in one year!
While $32 might seem ambitious, perhaps bear in mind, that is per park day, and their marketing starts long before you arrive at the resort, with add ons, promotions and offers such as their Disney Dining Plan.  Add in a few extra sodas, a snack and a gift, which are all much easier to buy thanks to the ‘ever ready’ wrist bands and you are set to make Disney’s dreams come true!

Just be very careful that you don’t overspend on your next Disney vacation!


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